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Junk Removal Company Profile and History

Junk removal in Los Angeles area needs a low cost junk removal service to help the community fight environmental issues due to a large population that amasses a tremendous amount of junk and unwanted items over time. Disposal and dumping stations are not always convenient and we wanted to fill that void.

Rather, we wanted to take your junk and leave you with a “clean void.” After much local success in the North San Fernando area, we expanded to include all of Southern California’s San Fernando Valley from Burbank / Glendale to Conoga Park, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys and all points in between. We have also grown to service Simi Valley and the Thousand Oaks areas.

Junk Removal Company

The junk removal industry has tough competition but through hard work and superior customer service we have grown from one small pick-up truck and expanded to include a large pick up truck, van, and a trailer and large flatbed truck. Our growth is the direct result of dedication, positive client feedback and reviews and has allowed us to build a bigger hive and send our worker bees throughout Los Angeles County.

Contact us to find out how to remove junk from your house, office or job site. We work with residential, commercial and rental properties

We continually strive to find new and innovative ways to recycle all materials that we remove or haul away. A reputable and reliable junk removal company should be a full-service organization able to handle a single item, such as a mattress or couch or multiple items such as an entire office or property. That’s just what BumbleBee Junk is. We assist you with your trash pick up or bulky item pick up and help you donate or recycle your unwanted appliances, furniture, electronics or other items cluttering your home or business.

BumbleBee Junk is pleased to offer convenient options to remove junk, pick up your trash, or even undertake an entire garage clean-up. Junk is unsightly, takes up valuable space and can affect you psychologically. If you’re tired of living with junk, just call us! Customers who contact us have items like bundled or boxed clothes, old furniture, used electronics, plants, microwaves, and even engines. Our junk removal specialist team lets you be in control. One call and we’ll be at your home or office, picking up those large and heavy items that are difficult to dispose of such as unused construction equipment, building equipment, scrap metal, and items you want to scrap, donate or throw away.

No item is too large and trash pick up like books, Jacuzzis, old vinyl records, old DVDs, old CDs, glass, and mirrors are all items we can remove from your garage when you’ve decided to undertake a cleanup or spring cleaning. For a reasonable fee, residential or commercial customers can schedule a time for us to pick up large or bulky items from inside your garage, home or business. Businesses utilize our junk removal company every day as a low-cost hauling service. They can focus on their business while we take care of the junk removal.

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