Furniture Removal Services

Furniture Removal in Burbank, CA, Glendale and the San Fernando Valley Areas

Get rid of unwanted furniture quickly and stress-free by utilizing the services of the hardworking team at BumbleBee Junk.

Our company is a team of professionals who know everything about the removal and disposal of furniture. Thanks to our fleet of vehicles of various sizes, we can haul large items in any quantity.

We’ll take care of all the hassle of freeing up your space and overcoming any challenges along the way. Our team will load and remove used furniture in Burbank, CA, Glendale, and the San Fernando Valley Area in no time.

Need to get rid of a huge wardrobe, an old sofa, a table, chairs, or other stuff? Just give us a call. Depending on the type and amount of junk, we’ll provide the right truck, haul away, and properly dispose of everything that has been taking up space in your apartment, office, or garage.

When you choose to work with us, you can be confident that your outdated furniture will be properly disposed of following environmental regulations. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today! Trust the experience and professionalism of our team.

We also serve all of greater Los Angeles as you see on this map.

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Why Choose Us for Your Furniture Pick Up Needs?

  • Reliable and Responsible Partner. We are always ready to lend a helping hand and take care of removing unwanted furniture or junk from your home, office, or apartment.

  • Hardworking Team. Our team consists of professionals equipped with modern tools. They diligently and carefully dismantle any structures and haul them away to the landfill.

  • Own Fleet of Vehicles. In our fleet, we have trucks of various sizes and capabilities. We provide the appropriate vehicle for transporting different types of cargo and hauling away junk.

  • Timeliness. We execute all tasks promptly at the agreed-upon time and arrive at your location without delays. Our team even handles urgent orders with on-site assistance within an hour.

  • Experienced Movers. Our movers will handle your old furniture, clutter, and junk carefully, fulfilling all necessary loading and unloading tasks professionally.

  • Affordable Cost. We offer our clients attractive pricing for our services. Our company doesn’t charge extra for distance, helping you minimize your expenses.

Give us a call to receive an actual price and a free estimate of the volume of work needed for the removal of furniture you want to get rid of.

Not sure how much truck you need? … Just call us!
Our prices won’t sting you and that’s the
BumbleBee Junk promise!

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How Does Furniture Haul Away Go?

To clear your home, apartment, office, or any other space of old furniture and unnecessary items, you only need to make one phone call or submit a request on our website by filling out a special form. Our manager will then contact you to clarify the details, calculate the cost, and confirm the order.

To ensure high-quality service, we ask you to provide the following information:

  • What needs to be hauled away (small or large junk, heavy and oversized items)

  • The approximate volume of the items

  • Whether you require movers

  • The address where the unwanted furniture removal will take place

  • A convenient time for the crew to arrive

This information will help us select the right truck and send the necessary number of movers to quickly remove all the items from the place.

Customer reviews

  • We hired BumbleBee Junk to pick up the excess stuff that we’ve held onto for so long. They made it easy for us to let go of these formally cherished items with there positive attitudes, professional demeanor and busy as bees energy. Speaking of bees, even though they swarmed over our discarded items quickly and whisk them away, there prices that we paid did not sting!

    I highly recommend that you use them to declutter your own home, garage, or storage locker.

  • Great service, quick and were easy to work with. Definitely recommend them.

  • Great service, quick and were easy to work with. Definitely recommend them.

  • Guys were great, on time, loaded a full truck in an hour!!! Reasonable price!!!

Find Furniture Pick Up in Burbank, CA, Los Angeles and the surrounding SFV Area By Contacting BumbleBee Junk Today

BumbleBee Junk Services provides a range of services for the removal of old furniture

Removal of Old Furniture

If you need to haul away that outdated sofa, bed, bedroom set, or accumulated small and large junk, look no further and book our furniture disposal service. Free up space in your home or office. Our movers will arrive at a time that suits you, dismantle all furniture items, carefully carry them out, and transport them to specialized landfills.

Hauling Off and Furniture Disposal

Disposal is an eco-friendly way to get rid of old belongings. Proper furniture disposal is crucial not only for a well-maintained yard but also for the environment. If you’re unsure of your abilities and resources, trust the professionals at BumbleBee Junk. We operate under a license and have access to specialized facilities where large junk, appliances, electronics, and furniture items are processed and legally disposed of safely.

Not sure how much truck you need? … Just call us!
Our prices won’t sting you and that’s the
BumbleBee Junk promise!

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